Datapack List
pack     author description
newt Newt_00 main pack function for newts datapacks and server functions
newt afk Newt_00 afk timer and loop system to controlling the afk reminders when you've been afk for about 5 minutes
newt shop Newt_00  a shop and basic server functions datapack for ycs
Newt Alchemy Newt_00 newts biggest datapack for ycs featured on the front page of planet minecraft during its first release the pack works with drop crafting in an alchemy cauldron you will be given instructions on how to make the items needed for this datapack once you obtain a cauldron in your inventory
Silky Spawners Newt_00 a remake of the silktouch spawners plugin from 1.12.x build by newt to obtain spawners via silk touch tools that work range between stone - netherite and must be enchanted with silk touch to work
Penguin Newt_00 chickens are overrated what we want is gunter so that's just what i've done all chickens are turned into penguins and WENK like gunter from adventure time they have tiny parachutes to glide down and there is even a penguin cannon items (but you'll need special requests to obtain one)
gravel-to-sand Newt_00 just a crafting library plugin for various crafting recipes for easier crafting smelting  and cutting
gift bombs N/A

a system used to make fun confetti bombs with items inside for your neighbors or friends

to obtain: put items in a chest that youd like to make a gift bomb from

hold a dye of choice and stand on top of the chest

the book given is used to description the bomb put the name of the bomb in the book on page 1 sign the book and name with the name your bomb would have before closing

then throw the book on the ground and you will be given the finished bomb simply have the player throw it on the ground to activate it

mailbox N/A

a simple mailbox used as a graphical feature with minimal practical use to craft one you need to throw the following in a pile on the floor

  • 1 oak fence
  • 1 tripwire hook
  • 1 iron pressure plate
  • 2 yellow terracotta

the mailbox works by throwing items at it and it will then teleport the item 2 blocks bellow it to be collected by a hopper or hopper minecart 

more bosses N/A adds a huge slime boss but no worries it can only be summoned by an admin
more mob heads vanilla tweaks all mobs will have a chance to drop their head when killed
player head drops vanilla tweaks all players have a chance to drop their head on death
silence mobs vanilla tweaks using a  name tag name it "SilenceME" without the quotes and apply it to a mob to silence them
Graves vanilla tweaks

on death you will drop a grave that will hold all your dropped items and a location will be posted in your chat for the coordinates to retrieve it

to reobtain the item shift right click on the grave

Elevators vanilla tweaks using wool and ender pearls you can make an elevator of no limit to distance simply place a wool block in the place you'd like the elevator throw an ender pearl on it to activate it then in the floor you'd like it to travel place an identical color wool block directly above the first and throw another ender pearl on that one and use shift or space to go up and down on that elevator
Armored Elytra vanilla tweaks throw an elytra and the chest plate you desire on top of an anvil and craft an armored elytra with equivalent armor to the chest plate used
Anti Creeper grief Newt_00 prevents creepers from causing damage both physical and terrain 
Armor Statues Vanilla Tweaks get a book and quill to begin and put any text on page one (must have at least one bit of text even just one letter) then sign and name "Statues" without quotes (s must be uppercase) then close and you will be given the statues book you can use this book to alter armor stands using the tools inside