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this page my lead to non-family-friendly chat pages. continue at your own risk.

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the players:  

Tikspeed mod
__shadowfax__ builder
WolfyYoung Builder
Rabid_Cow builder
FatBlackCatt Player
Newt_00 Server Owner

Last World download

this is a direct download to the last world backup download from the YCS season one server map.


We're Active!

the new vanilla server is finally up and running new ip, a functioning dynmap, new and old world options, new plugins, and datapacks and much more join the discord to obtain the ip and plugin info. cant wait to see everyone and what greatness you come up with this time :D -Newt




Comming Soon!

Custom modpack and new modded server comming soon! stay updated by watching the news updates here.


Hosting changes?

as you may have heard by now via the discord, the official yescraft server will be shutting down in the comming months.... very sad i know, OR IS IT? thats right we will be transfering hosting from pebble host to logicservers we are not sure about the exact dates just yet but the new server will be hosted under a new domain and ip through logicservers host platform. more updates will be posted in this news board when they are available. stay crafty :D

Taking Input

as you know a new custom modpack is underway. and wed like your input for what mods youd like to see added. click one of the buttons bellow to suggest a mod or see current mods on the list.

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